Welding multiple shapes in Omega

Mike Jackson

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I've used this command a zillion times, but not in a long time. There is a command that lets you weld multiple overlapping shapes into one shape. I've always used the shortcut command ...something like Contrl-S-W, but I can't remember it now.

I don't see it in any of the drop down menus now.

I know there is a similar command in the Tools>Effects>Special where you weld A+B, but this is a different command.

If you use it, please let me know here.

Mike Jackson


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thanks for the tip Mike
I always like your articles on using the Gerber tools. You should put it together as a searchable online manual just becaus I always forget these things. I'd gladly buy it.

Mike Jackson

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Hi again,
Thanks for the comments. I have been using Photoshop so much that the shortcut keys there are becoming natural. When I switch back to Omega for some digitizing and cleanup, the old commands are not always at the tip of my fingers as before. That and all the gray in my beard is playing a part in it!

Mike Jackson