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Well subdivide me and kentucky fry me!


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G'day everyone,
saw that quote in a movie recently, just like saying it!
I'm currently in the building industry here in Oz, used to do vinyl stickers for a company I used to work so 7 years ago on a wee old Roland STX7, recently got hold of it as friends where talking about it, then bought a Bobcat B60, much better although the software is'nt crash hot.
Trying to relearn photoshop corel and illustrator again, once I relearn how to drive those again hoping to setup properly again and change jobs so give my old body a break!
I lived in America for a few months a few years back and theres a bit ofa diference in signage here and there, but I like the ones in US, might try introducing those styles here.
Anyway enough about me!
Nice to be here hope I can contribute something.
PS my friends call me steve too! :p


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shhhh, good bloke? you'll ruin my reputation :thumb: :Australia
paid 1.39 today :(
and that for one litre to our US correspondants!

Lance said:
Ohh Sydney,:rolleyes: OK, you sound a good bloke anyway.



:thumb: :Australia

We're on $1.37/ltr