Wen tto police station to do some stickering....


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and there they were 6 brand new tauruses and caprices with white wraps on roof and doors. It did look good. i was talking to the city lot auto body guy and I asked does he wrap? Cause they are gonna come in damaged. he said no they will have to find someone to do that

Did it bother me? No I dont care. but what did bother me was plaing reflective stickers on a freaking polaris ATV and wiping it down with alcohol and smearing the paint on it. that worked out great! It smeared the hood and front end not the rear parts.

After causing a stir and a crowd pointing fingers I lifted the hood and saw the following. the whole damn thing was camo and they sprayed semigloss or satin black on it. After pointing this out all the attentioned turned to the local polaris dealer they bought it from.

Take note kids, if your gonna wipe down a polaris solid color be careful. Below are pics of the hood and the glovebox. i dont know what they painted it with but it damn sure did not like alcohol!


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makes me think of the movie with Bruce Willis as an assassin and she sprays his mini van with a car wash only to have a different color underneath.

just another confirmation to always do a test rub in a hidden area and take before/after pics for proof