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Western Digital Caviar SE 320GB Internal Serial ATA Hard Drive


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man, that's a great price! ...sure beats the heck out of the almost 2,000 I paid for my first external 10 MEGABYTE drive for my Mac back in '86


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I have 2 Wester Disintegrateors that are less than 6 months old, have bad platters, and they will not back up their product. After talking to a local repair shop, they said that they have seen more W.D. hard drives in the last year or so than any other manufacturer. They suggest Seagate. I know what opinions are like, but just passing on what my experience has been.


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like anything else on the market...you gota watch what youre buying....WD MAKES THE BEST HARD DRIVE... but...the also make a cheapo...you need to check MODLE NO. if iam not mistaken the XXXXXXXBB drives are a 1 yr warrenty item.....xxxxxxxJB are a 3 yr warrenty item....
any way you get my point..they make good drive and the make cheap drive...BUYER BEWARE....
Have to agree with uneedasign. WD was the reason we turned to SCSI drives. If a drive has less than a 5 year warranty - we run like hell! As it stands now, Seagate has the best running reputation, for practically the same prices as WD.


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I use WD's always have and likely willl continue ,, But, I do not buy the 1 yr warranty drives.. Of course they do not last. Why would any one buy a short term drive and wonder why it quit after 15 months..

Personally, I have three WD's in my machine right now,, and all of them are more than 4 years old.. And all of them run 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

and they will not back up their product.
Thats a strange one to hear. I have never ever heard of a drive company fail to back a drive. An RMA is all to easy to get if the drive is still under warranty.

But, I didn't post this to get into a bashing war,, Who cares ?? This posst is for users like myself who run the hell out of drives but never seeem to have any problems. So, its there for those who wish to get one.. simple. You don't like them drives, then don't fet one.

You obviously have a knowledge for pc's. With this in mind, you will understand what I mean by the fact (based in our experience) that the WD IDE drives CANNOT handle the constant spin-up/spin-down.

I shutter at the though of drives with only 12 month warranties. We had toooo many (and I do not mean 1 or 2) WD's fail within the first 90 days. It is not a "bashing" comment - just a very unpleasant fact (for us).

As for any drive, IMO, all machines should have HDD coolers and NEVER turn off the drives (set in control panel) - if the machine usually never gets turned off.

Just out of curiosity - what are you running anyway? You almost sound as if you are a "gamer".



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I can honestly say we spec a WD drive in every machine we build regardless of warranty. They work great and in some instances, are our only realistic option (10K rpm on a budget). Having said that, we probably do send back 1 drive a month, WD replaces it immediately and we get our drive back in a very reasonable amount of time.

$100 for that drive is a decent price, I put one like it in my home machine a couple weeks ago bringing my total disk space to 1.2TB :) When I bought mine there were a KS, JS and an SD avaliable. Mine is the KS with the 16MB cache and the new SATA-300 spec (Not that I'm taking advantage of it at this point). The one linked at the start of the thread is a JD series with 8MB cache and SATA150 which is usually enough for most.


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I used to use WD extensively, but since have switched to Seagate for all of our business computers. We also build computer-based camera surveillance systems and I have had no problems with any of the Seagate drives that I have installed in them.

Now for personal use, that WD is a steal.


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You obviously have a knowledge for pc's.
Not any more. But, I used to be a part owner in a PC shop. Even traveled abroad to see how parts were made. I and another partner won a state of the art PC tower CPU in a software challange several years ago.

My present machine is just a plenty fast enuf 2.4 Intel CPU with a gig of ram and 4 drives all set to sleep mode after an hour of non use and a 120 gig SATA bootdrive and three WD's. SP Pro is the OS of choice here. Never had a reformat, never had a break down, since it was first started up. The secret is not running IE and Outlook. And not stacking the drives with only 1/16 inche space between them. This machine is adequate for every thing i do.

Now my son's machine is the one. The bestest and fastest AMD 64 presently available Runs on XP home. Video is a $500 bux card. That is a gamers machine.

Got out of it all a few years ago when I set a goal to get out of debt. Got out of debt. Didn't owe a dime to any body. No mortgage, car payments. or credit cards. You don't know the feeling of power and freedom that brings after being in debt for over 25 years.
Alas, then came Katrina.


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i been building computers since 386 days, when a 130 mrg was KING for $300!!!!! and all of the LONGEST LASTING EISA hard drives have been WD! i still have 3- 850 meg WD THAT WORK NO PROBLEMS.
now if you have a STD computer, with out EXTRA COOLING anything over 120 GIG is gona fry itself in that computer.
i dont care what drive brand you have, the bigger the drive the hotter it runs..........ergo....self destruct mode is eminate. added cooling is nessacary.....HEAT IS YOURE WORST ENEMY!!!!!
as for manfactures ....i buy WD's and will continue, SEAGATE ive had a few in the old MEG drives. MAXTOR's
i wont buy, most are noisy, and ive a couple of failiures with them......so its PREFERANCE.... to most...SATA I HAVE NO EXPERIANCE WITH...


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And not stacking the drives with only 1/16 inche space between them.
I have been building computers since the old Seagate 10mb MFM and RLL drives, and I recently built my business machine and made this costly error. I normally leave plenty of space between drives.....but...... I bought a motherboard with the SATA interface. So I bought two WD SATA drives and installed them in a Striped Raid configuration. Then I had my Seagate IDE drive that I stored all of my backups on, then I had another WD IDE that I store all of my clipart, vectors and fonts on. I had these four drives stacked, but I had installed a fan in front of them. Well, the PC ran great for several months, then funny things starting happening and programs would start randomly crashing. After a complete crash, I discovered that the fan had malfunctioned and had allowed the stack of hard drives to get very hot. In the end, I discovered that the seagate drive was causing the data corruption problems. It has been removed from the system and the system has been restored. The WD's survived!

Now the computer makes for a great business machine, but after hours it becomes my Battlefield 2 machine. I have purchased a 32 inch LCD monitor (my wife thinks it helps me see the nodes of a vector), I laid out 450 bucks for the latest ATI video card, I have 2gb of memory, and I also have a 100 bucks in the sound card complete with 6 speaker surround sound.

I no longer build computers for a living, I passed that on to my children.