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What are your favorite fonts?


New Member
I am wondering what fonts are most popular? There are so many out there it would be interesting to get a look at the faves!

Let me know,


Ian Stewart-Koster

Older Greyer Brushie
Stencil- weeds even easier!

(not really a favourite...I really like the selections from Signfonts/ A&S-must buy some more one day!)


New Member
I like a lot of the stuff from DNA. But really use fonts that "typify" the feel and flavor of the business/client I'm working for. But for casuals and hand lettered feel, the DNA stuff.

Sign One

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I Love Them all, with the exception of maybe Comic Sans & Brush Script - Maybe this should be what are your least favorite fonts? I Have to admit, I am a bit of a fontaholic.

Idea Design

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Letterhead Fonts Sofia Script...

Sign One said:
...I Have to admit, I am a bit of a fontaholic.

I've often thought of starting a thread concerning addiction to fonts. I can't even begin to explain the amount of time I have spent searching and looking and searching and looking and downloading and blah blah fonts fonts fonts...

We could start a rehabilitation clinic for the font addicted. Fred would, of course, be the director of admissions, until someone finds him in the janitor's closet snorting the various script fonts we all hate so much...

Shovelhead would be head of security and group sessions, he would have a firm hand and make everyone learn to vectorize crappy artwork, NO CHEATING, do it yourself!

Good times...