What do you do with corrugated plastic scraps?


We have a surplus of thick 10mm corrugated plastic scraps of every stupid size in the book. Most every other material we are able to use up a good portion of our drop, except for that dang 10mm corrugated plastic.

What do the rest of you do to recoup some of your cost on drop and get rid of scrap? Are there some businesses out there that use random sizes of corrugated plastic on a regular basis?

We're drowning in scraps... help...


we typically cut any odd down to a "standard" size.

if it is truly a "scrap", we use them to support shipping boxes,
we have a "crafty-crafter" bin, once it is full we contact a local crafting group, $40 and they take EVERYTHING in the bin, some of the stuff they create is inventive
we also donate a lot to the different schools, they are always looking for stuff to do "crafts" with.


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If you have a bunch of long 4" to 6" strips you could donate them to your favorite protest, counter-protest and or occupying group. I was watching a news clip and some of the road barriers that were being thrown out of the way looked like the horizontal slats on them were 10mm Coro, covered with orange/white reflective film.

Andy D

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They're great for target practice.
I like to make samples to have up front to give to customers... I will find a bright & vivid image and
include some info about the material and my contact info.