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What happened to Vinyl Master Pro


I have and use Vinyl Master Pro I now need to transfer the software to another computer. At there phone number you only get an answering machine and no one calls back. There web address is not working either. And now I noticed there link from here is missing. Can anyone tell me what is going on.


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well my friend. I hope the faithfull users of this program will not be abandoned with out an alternative...

What version do you have?


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Justgraphics... I assume you have VMP. If so what port settings do you have it on? Mine will not recognize the dongle.


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I have the 2.9 USB dongle version-no recognition issues at all. Just not nuts about the communication to my plotter. Graphtec90A. (No longer supported software wise-for XP drivers-from parent company). Future does have a code that allows it to work in XP Pro though. Also wish Future would design and implement a FAR more detailed plotter box/more parameters. Like the one in ANAGraph DeSignArt. I also find that the dongle must be removed after one shuts down the program as restarting the computor with it attached, boot up will hang up in the begining stages. They also had a run of bad demo cd's as well as full versions. They did replace asap. As far as contact-really need to talk to the parent office in Australia. None of the US offices ever responded. Best to deal with the source as they say... The program requires an extra step or two but seems to get the job done ok. Anyone else found the plotter dialogue box a bit limited?......