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What is a Roland TUC-64 worth?


New Member
I am going to post this on ebay and I 'think' it works on RF and XF 640s. What would a good price be for a new unit.
Got it with my second RF- sold the first one back to the dealer but I don't recall [4 years ago] for how much. I build my own takeups that I don't have to lay on the floor to load and unload, so I have never used them. Gene

Joe House

Sign Equipment Technician
If it's a TU2, the list price is $2,095. Prices for working printers is usually around 50% of a new price, not sure if that applies to a take up though, and this is new. If you got $1000 for it you'd probably be doing good, but I'm not sure who would buy it. Most of the 64" printers came with one.

Good luck.