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what is this font


New Member
i have seen it, but i can't think of the name of it for the life of me.

can anybody give me an idea of what this is?

like i said it is on the tip of my tonuge, but arggghhhhh


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revue!! revue!!,

thats it!!! thats it!!!

my mind couldn't get the name

thanks so much for your help

Fred Weiss

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The original design was named Revue. All the others are renamed unauthorized copies.

Typeface notes:

Inspired by posters of the early 1900s, Revue was designed for Letraset in 1968 by Colin Brignall. Revue is a sans serif design characterized by heavy bow-shaped letterforms, strokes that are clipped off at the ends of some capitals, for example the F and H, and an irregular baseline. Revue is a fine choice for display work such as posters, advertising, and billboards.

  • Colin Brignall
Revue is a trademark of Esselte Pendaflex Corporation in the U.S.A., of Letraset Canada Ltd. in Canada and of Esselte Letraset Ltd. elsewhere.