what material to make a stencil?


i promised a good friend i would make a couple stencils, he is striping and marking his parking lot.
a tennant's customers are out of control so we want "no parking" and "15 minute parking" stencils
& like many things, although i can talk about the topic forever, i have never actually done it.

what material should i use?


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Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is a good choice and fairly inexpensive. You can reuse it a lot. But you will need a CNC to cut it


If they want to reuse them best bet is to outsource to someone with a CNC. If it's a REALLY good friend you could cut the stencil in vinyl, lay it on a substrate like LDPE or PVC mentioned above, then use a handheld router or jigsaw or something.
Not sure what would be best if you're just doing multiple single use vinyl stencils. I've never applied vinyl to pavement before.