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What software/clipart can you NOT live without?


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Hello everyone, forgive me if this post is in the wrong category.

I am in the process of building my inventory of items to better serve my customers and make some of my sign design better.

I am currently operating my Edge/GSXplus/Graphtec with Flexi 7.5. I also have adobe illustrator 9 but I dont use it very much. The only other software I have is pro vehicle outlines 04. So needless to say, I need to get more.

The products that I am currently interested in are: Adobe photoshop, Mega Clipart collection, Bergen Design fills, Sign DNA, Race car graphics clipart, and a few more.

Since I cannot buy raw artistic talent, what software/clipart can you NOT live without? There seems to be "clipart" everywhere, in all ranges of pricing. Assuming I am going to initially spend $1000.00 or so, which programs should I get the most out of.

I know all this depends on what type of work I am doing, I am primarily focusing on vehicle graphics/lettering, decals, storefront lettering, banners, some lighted signs, and other general signage. I would also like to do some more motocross graphics.

Your input will be greatly appreciated, Thanks Jim jetsignworks@bellsouth.net

CW Graphix

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The Aurora Graphics Procraft Fills is far better than the Bergen fills and with Daves new addition the sign blanks he offers are very good also. Just thought you know what I have and use and they are good! Very Good, they work great on the VersaCamm!


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I am anti clip-art so I may not be the best judge but I recomend:

www.goldenstudios.com the Palm Trilogy series, and Butler Gold. I also have a collection of old printers books of stock art I redraw to fit the job.

I use Illustrator with Cadtools for all my design, most are dimensional signs so I have to make side and top views as well. I use Flexi for output only. I only use Photoshop for bitmap trickery or sizing and usually Illustrator for adding copy.

Fred Weiss

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You seem to be mixing applications with clipart collections. I'll just respond to clipart. These are what i would consider to be must have collections for anyone but with the Print-n-Cut limited to those with digital printing and cutting capability.

Vector Art Mega Collection - This will get lots of use both for vehicles and for general commercial needs and would be at the top of my list. This is the one with the blue cover. Mega 2 is not anywhere near the top of my list ... and I sell both. We are currently offering Mega 1 or Mega 2 at $149 per copy. Normal list is $299 per copy. Phone orders only through April 8th.

OCA Trades and Occupations Volumes 1 and 2 - This is by far the best thing available from OCA Enterprises. We have a copy of everything they have and these two little collections get more use than the rest combined.

Plotter Art™ Print-n-Cut Color Collection - Is my forthcoming collection in its final stages of production. Hoping to have it off to the printer in about 2 weeks with shipments commencing in April. This is a collection of about 1,675 selected illustrations we have licensed from two sources. It covers a broad range of topics. It is artistically and technically excellent and all images are 100% vectors with extensive use of blends to create depth and realism. Most are incredibly complex. These images are not vinyl cuttable. They are printable at any size desired and each is accompanied by a vector cut path for precise decal cuts including internal cuts. The collection will be offered in Illustrator EPS 3.0 for PC, a separate EPS set for Macintosh and a third set for users of Gerber Edge and Maxx systems in GA 6.0 PLT format. List price is set at $399 and we will be running an introductory special at $299.

As far as specialty products like Bergen ... worth having when you have extra discretionary money but I've never felt compelled to purchase it. I don't, OTOH, know anyone who has bought it who hasn't been happy with the product. I would also look at Aurora Graphics for automotive needs.

Add Coreldraw to your list and you'll pickup a bunch of good fonts, a lot of clipart that you can use with your Edge if you take the time to learn how and a program that, even if you don't use it for design will still serve you well at times for reading other people's files.

We've also been very well served by carrying a subscription to Clipart.com. For $169 a year you have access to several million pieces of clipart, photos and other goodies on a searchable database and unlimited downloads. Most of what's there is adequate at best but you'll find it equal to all the off the shelf collections like Art Explosion, Click Art and Hemera products and very quick and easy to use. Not much good for vinyl cutting but excellent for digital printing and cutting.

Finally, when all else fails, locate and bookmark sites like Artzooks.com, iStockPhoto.com and others that specialize in searchable databases and selling individual images online.


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Another good one is the SignDNA 2 collection. I have both the VAMC and SignDNA 2 and find them both to be of excellent quality and usability. I can't comment on the others, but do like these.

You'll also want to equip yourself with some high quality fonts from Letterhead fonts, Signfonts, SignDNA and House Industries - to name a few of the top dogs.


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I use illustrator and streamline a lot. For all my website design I use homesite.

Royal Palm Graphics

We have "Art Explosions" which can be purchased at any office supply store. It has over 600,000 vector images and is a great quick reference library.


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I have an antiquated copy of Corel Gallery Magic 1,000,000 which I have backed up and run from backup CD's. As has been talked about before, the fonts in that collection are worth any price you can find it for nowadays.

I also use Broderbund's Clickart 400,000 which contains a lot of images from the Corel collection but also has a real nice hi-res photo collection.

Corel Photo Trace is a huge must have for me to scan and vectorize my drawings.

I also set aside about $25 a month for font purchases, my favorite purchases by far!


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Here are my Must have applications.

Adobe PhotoShop (For non vectored designs)
Adobe Illistrator (For converting cusomters artwork)
Corel Draw (For Vector Design)
FlexiSign (For Vector Design)

With these 4 programs I can do just about anything and handle almost any file format sent my way. I could give up flexi and just use Corel, but I already have it and it has really nice features that make some things easier (tracing and contour cuts).

I have TONS of clip art, but rarely use it, most stuff I sell is either provided by the customer or designed by myself.


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My pencil, eraser, markers, techincal pens and my lettering quills. Very stable no crashes, and runs on imagination.