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Discussion What to try next

Jim Hill

New Member
Still looking for an air leak on my Roland Versacamm SP-300V

I have now changed cap tops, all dampers and O rings and pulled ink into each damper and they have the correct colors in them, both manifolds, all drain lines and the drain tank, New ink pump, and yet I still cannot pull ink from under the cap tops with the heads parked in the proper place. I also tried changing the ribbon cables around because the only color printing is cyan and some yellow right now.

The only thing I have not changed yet is the capping station itself. Is there anyway to tell if a capping station is not working properly?
Anyone know of a Roland Dealer a capping station for an SP-300V ?

Must admit I have never run into this problem over the past 10 years and each time I connect the syrenge on the tubes under the car tops there is almost no resistance when trying to pull ink through the lines.

Running out of idea's on what to try next.


Johnny Bang

New Member
Had the same issue.

I unplugged the dampers then use a syringe to charge the dampers by sucking out ink into your syringe (GENTLY) then with the same ink in your syringe to charge your printhead(gently), put the dampers back on and run a test print.

Hope that works for you as it did for me


Active Member
If you can't pull ink through I would say the cap tops aren't sealing.
Plate on top of the head could have a crack in the damper nipple too. Might be too fine to see but still admit air.