What trick does matte material play on your eyes?

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There is something about it. It is almost like it is harder to look at, yet at the same time looks better and feels more effective. (my opinion)

Maybe someone with a color theory background can chime in but I am looking at the print now and it is hard for my eyes to process it but it looks beautiful.

My theory...the fact that it does not reflect as much white light back at the viewer makes the colors contrast more and makes edges very sharp.

Not to mention the ink lays so perfectly on it.


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Matte doesn't reflect the light away like Gloss does, therefore making it easier to look at and also appears darker or richer in color. Gloss is definitely more vibrant, but under certain lighting conditions, it all boils down to a personal preference.

Your application will determine what gloss, satin or matte appearance you need or want.


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So it absorbs more potential color in the white light thus making the CMYK colors deeper? Although less vibrant?

I think you're over thinking the whole process. It's all about the profiles. You think it looks different because there is barely any light reflecting off it. So that causes the colors to look deeper, and not washed out?


all i know is matte prints less grainy and i overlaminate with gloss for a better finished product.


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(might also be due to the difference in texture as I have looked under magnification)