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whats similar to helvetica


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Hi Guys

What font is similar to helvetica and whats the font for signs101 site(yep this one)



Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
Arial is somewhat similar to Helvetica -at least in terms of the tracking and line spacing. However, Arial seems more like a mish-mash of other sans styles. Honestly if you put the two fonts next to each other and examine them character by character, Arial is very different.

Mark Simonson has a funny and informative article, called "The Scourge of Arial" at his website.

Bitstream's Swiss 721 is a pretty good knock-off of Helvetica. URW had a pretty accurate knock-off of the Helvetica Neue family, called Nimbus Sans, included with the fonts in Canvas. AGFA's "CG Triumvirate" is another Helvetica Clone.

There are some sans styles quite a bit like Helvetica, but more happening style-wise.

Berthold's Akzidenz Grotesk (billed as "the original sans") is seeing a new burst in popularity. If you have an old copy of Illustrator laying around you may find the complete family in the font bundle -a value worth more than the actual Illustrator application itself.

Gotham is another sans face that has been really popular the last couple years.

Highway oriented fonts are pretty popular as alternatives to Helvetica. FF DIN has seen a LOT of use.