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What's up on the north west coast?


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Up in Vancouver Island here. I've been recently employed with Industrial Plastics for about 10 months and they have trained me to run their sign service. Now, industrial plastics is not a native sign company. They are a franchise which deals with plexiglas and engineering plastics, fiberglass supplies, marine supplies, paints, bottles, bags, tons of crap. We also do vinyl cut signage in house and job out screen printing stuff. We have a 24" suma cutter and use Signlab e6 for software, sometimes with corel draw. It's been really interesting learning this business as I did not even have a clue this is what I'd be doing when I signed on. But I like it, and I have already done some big jobs so far. I have done several 20' signs for storefronts and stuff for cars, vans, etc. Soon we will be moving into a bigger building and expanding into the print & cut area. Just saying hi to ya'll.


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Welcome! I like your vector, Vector . . . I installed an industrial toaster oven in one of the new ferries out there. Beautiful scenery.