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What's Your Experience with Large Vehicle Magnets?


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A customer wants very large vehicle magnets: 30"h x 64" wide to place on his van. We've never done magnets that big and we're worried about the weight of the magnets at this size and whether it will stay on the vehicle. Top Mag makes a 30mil roll that's 40"x25ft so we can make them. I just don't know if we should go ahead and make them with a caveat. What's your experience with large magnets?


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Just SAY NO.

And if they insist, make sure you get them to sign a paper stating they are going against your recommendation and you will not be held liable when they get lost and or/destroyed.


I don't hate paint, I just overlay it.
i would not to it but if you do make sure you tell them not to store it rolled up. it will start cracking after a while. If they don't lose it after a while. lol


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Magnets that large tend to create bubbles/ wrinkles in behind, and once the wind catches a corner it we, it's gone. We do magnets that large but only for use on it signs, not io a moving vehicle. Perhaps use one of the newer uptra removable vinyls.


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If they think that they will be able to use the magnetic on their next vehicle tell them that the size and configuration of the space on the new van will likely be different, thus they will need a new magnetic.

If the magnetic is going on an older van check for paint oxidation. Magnetics, like decals, don't like it.

Go ahead and make the magnetic BUT do like us: No guarantee for durability. No discount for a new one when the old ones are lost or stolen.


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They suck. They always end up looking bad and fall off too easy. But if someone insists I make them, but put a disclaimer in the proposal.


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If you do opt to go with a magnet, we've just started carrying magnetics. We have a 20 mil Printable High-Energy magnet which has a 90 lb per sq ft pull force which stronger than most typical 30 mil magnets. It's thinner and lighter and may be a better option for a magnet this size on the side of a vehicle. It's also available in a 30 mil High-Energy with a pull force of 144 lb per sq ft.

If you are interested, or have more questions, feel free to give me a call at (404) 228-6329 x3 or email me at don@instantonemedia.com