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Where can I find a Martini Glass and other bar items?

I am looking to do a banner for a friend who has some people over for casual, quiet cocktails every other Friday. It's so nice to get out of the house away from the 3 kiddies that I thought it would be neat to make a banner for them since they invite me and the wife over, and we always have a good time. (no I won't post directions :Big Laugh )

At anyrate, I was going to make a banner for their front porch. I tried Brands of the world and came up empty. I have mostly CD's with Race Cars, sports, flames etc... I just don't seem to have a martini glass or any bar type stuff. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Also, I looked on Ebay and found some CD's for sale that are VECTOR clip art. I've never used one other than the commercial stuff I've bought. If they are vectorized, are they going to be able to be used, or am I going to fight with having to get them prepared? I saw some that are a no brainer...they're by folks that sell equipment and you can tell... but I've seen some vector clip art cds that the images are in color. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance. I've found these boards to be worth their weight in GOLD!
I see from your profile you have CorelDraw 10. I don't have the 10 clipart cd in front of me just now, but I believe it has some beverage related clipart on it. It is in color and is designed for printing, but with a little creative welding, it can be modified for vinyl cutting.


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Outline you want simple Martini glass? aren't they just a triangle point down on a tall post base ? If so think outside the box as in triangle sitting point dopwn On rectangle My .02 Non drinker I bet fred should have a glass ??
fred ? whoo hoo fred?
you know.. come to think of it. I have a 10k image cd for Corel that I loaded a while back, but I never could find where they went to... I'll take a peek in there... in the event I can't find what I'm looking for...I'll be back :)

Phil Swanson

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Know anyone with Vector Art 600,000? They have martini glasses,beer mugs,wine glasses, bar tenders, ect ect. and many are vectored in B & W.


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Heck, for this purpose, just draw one quick with a black sharpie and scan it, vectorize it.......done.

Sign One

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The vector clip art you see for sale, that does not say .eps, are window meta files, or .wmf usually- I right click and say open with Illustrator, and they do open all vectored , sometimes you have to reattach (contour or weld)things and get rid of things but it can be a good base image- there are about a million little vectors though- not nice and clean like most .eps files
Sign One...

Whatta PERFECT fit those windings were!! EXACTLY the 'retro/characture' kinda cartoony look I was going for! Thanks a TON! I would NEVER have thought to look into windings... I'll post a pic of it when I 'git r done' LOL

Thanks again! My quest for the martini glass is offically OVER (provided it cuts ok) LOL

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I saw your sketch in photo gallery- I love dingbats!! You can find almost some off the wall things in dings!-