which silver look vinyl for acrylic letter??...


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I have acrylic letters to be look like silver letters.
I am trying to apply R tape's vinyl fx on it.
is there are better vinyl or any feedback on vinyl fx material?

Thank you


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You'll want to use a metal laminate product, not vinyl for this. Ultraboard has a few options that are like a Gator product with a mirror finish.


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Avoid chromes, brushed aluminums and any confetti vinyls pretty much anything polyester. That is ... unless you want it to go milky after a year or so.

Ultra metallic silver vinyl might work ... but it will darken with age.

I know there is a metallic laminate you can get that is pretty thin ... ment for covering wood construction, but it might be useful. Also I know there is this aluminum covering with an adhesive backing on it ... really thin stuff and I think it has a teflon coating so it doesn't need to be polished ... wish I knew the name of it or where to get it ... interesting stuff though.