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Which software and how to start


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Hi There,

I own a webshop in Europ and i sell decals for motorbikes. I'm just a dealer. The businness is getting bigger so i'd like to make the decals myself.

I don't have much experience. I already got some information about printers and know very little about the software and stuff.

Questions i have right now:

- is is possible to just scan the original decals, and convert them to an EPS format, so i can print and cut them myself?

- i have to get licenses from Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki, how much do they cost for about 2 years, and how long should it take before i can get them?

- Which software do you prefere for starters?

Thanks in advance!


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1) Yes it is possible to scan the originals but it is ILLEGAL to do so.
2) Yes you must get licenses from the respected owners. Contact them directly and they will point you to the correct people to ask for such.
3) Illustrator is great, Corel is another one. Then you have Flexi and SignLab for signs etc.


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Why would you wish to do a job that others do for a living? Other's who can do the work so much better right away rather than you spending much time learning how to "do it yourself". Do you have the 100's of hours it will take to learn photoshop? Then learn how to operate vector software? then learn how to run a cutter and a printer?

Then do you have the cash to spend on a good cutter and printer? Economies of scale come into play here.. Basic economics