White halo box around shaddows

Ok, keep the laughter to a minimum please.

New to the world of printing. Small shop just bought a new BN-20, been playing with it and printing for a week, no issues at all. small decal runs of 50 or so, not a problem.

first thing this morning, I was trying to print off some 18x24 full color prints to go on some coroplast, and I noticed this white halo box showing up around all the text that has a drop shadow. I printed images just yesterday with drop shadows, no problem. the box doesn't appear in the versaworks preview so I'm a bit puzzled

just some background, I'm working in illustrator CS5, saving the files as eps. then importing to versaworks.


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yea, forgot that illy is set to 75% vector/raster by default, and i was instructed to change that by the tech that set us up. *insert foot into mouth*

thanks for the speedy reply