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Question Who has the Whitest High performance Reflective vinyl???


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contact your local rep and ask for samples.
all of the reflective films we have used, (Oracal, 3M, Avery, etc) all have a silver tint. unaware of a "bright white"

the grade of the reflective will also play a factor in the amount of "white"


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We've used several brands of reflective and I think just by their nature without bright direct light they all look silver. But I would be interested in a whiter version as well.


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Nikkalite is pretty brittle and has a yellow tint. It's also going to be dependent on the direction of the beads or whatever reflective "tech" it's using. 3M that we use can appear more white when turned one direction, but more yellow in the other direction. Really messed us up on a panel job once.


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20180824_173537.jpg I have a perfect photo for this. Z stripe on a fire truck over those roll-up panels. New 3M 180C white.. a few areas on the roll-ups got messed, so I grabbed some scrap, which happened to be FDC. Took a photo... FDC stood out like a sore thumb. Looked identical out of a direct beam - shone much brighter in the beam.


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If white is required, I would print white onto the reflective with my Edge but at 85 or 90%. It still allows the reflective to show through but would give a white appearance.