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Widescreen monitors

RJ California

New Member
Just a heads up to an issue I discovered...

I just got a new 22" widescreen monitor, great picture and it works perfect with my dual monitor setup.
The problem is that rather that giving me more room it simply stretches the image to fill the space. It would not be a problem if you were just watching movies, but for sign layouts it's the pits. When you set up a 4'x4' sign on the screen it looks like a 4'x6'. Pretty disappointing. I'll be going back to two 19" panels.


New Member
Bought some off-brand widescreen monitor . . . so off-brand that I can't even
remember the damn name since I'm not at the office right now !

Changing the resolution does nothing to narrow the images to a normal perspective,
I've tried every resolution setting possible, and the moniter is all
but rendered useless except as a cash register monitor . . .

But that works great !


New Member
I almost jumped on a Samsung 22 inch widescreen today. I think they were down to 399 at Best Buy here. And to think back to the days when an ordinary 21 inch crt cost a second mortgage . Always had luck with Samsungs, plus they are one of the only manufactures to give you a 3 year warranty out of the box that covers everything. I had my 17 inch go bad after 2 1/2 years and they sent me a brand spanking new one to replace it. (Well probably refurbished most likely, but hey)


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...And to think back to the days when an ordinary 21 inch crt cost a second mortgage ...

yep, I remember that! In 1988 I bought a 21" monitor and the Nubus card to drive it for my then 'state-of-the-art' MacII: my dealer cost: 6,500.00!!! even CDN, that's a lot of cash! But man, was it cool! :) Dual displays in '88. :)

RJ California

New Member
The widescreen I discussed in this post is a 22" X2Gen which I bought from Costco Online for $249 after rebate.
I changed the resolution as suggested in the early replies and it works perfectly now.
Thanks again!:signs101:
Toddmn - I have that 22" Samsung. CompUSA had a deal for $279, after $50 rebate. My only regret was that I did not get two of them. I had stuck to the old crt for so long that I did not realize how far downhill it was going.

Color is accurate, crisp, and clear (using DVI).