Need Help Widow needing advice on equipment


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My husband had a small sign business but had to quit due to health reasons 5 years ago. I am now trying to sell some of the equipment but cannot seem to get enough information off of the internet to know how to price used equipment that is used but likely in good working order. Local sign company owners have not been helpful. Please help.! I'm in the Indianapolis area.

Graphtec FC4100-75
Various sprocketed vinyls and other 50ys rolls of vinyl

Asking for your input. You can also reach me at


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The Gerber is probably worth about $ 2,000 if in good shape. With a year warranty and basically gone over with a fine toothed comb, they'll go for about $ 3,500.


That Graphtec is pretty old now. I sold that same model 10 years ago for $500, and it was in really nice shape. Hope that helps.
Unfortunately, if that vinyl has been sitting on the shelf for 5 years, it's all too old to use. You may consider donating it to a summer camp or school for art projects.
I would say if the Graphtec is still in good working condition and in good shape it is worth 500-800....I just sold a 5100 for $1,100. I would rather have a quality used 4100 over a new off brand plotter.