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Will OMEGA 2.5 print straight to anything but a gerber printer?

David Snider

New Member
Just got 2.5 a few weeks ago. Can I print and cut straight to my Mimaki equipment or is there a way to avoid any previous steps prior to 2.5.

We run ONYX 6.5 with 7.0 on the way.

Thanks for any help


New Member
I'm running Omega 2.1 straight to Roland SP-540V. Would think that 2.5 would run, no problem.

But I can't cut/print straight to Roland. I have to make an end run around Gerber to Corel to pick up the cut command.

My RIP isn't Onyx though. It's VersaWorks.

I would love to hear of your experience with 2.5.


New Member
Dave, there aren't a lot of Gerber guys on this forum running any digital printing except on Gerber stuff. I think that Gerber would like you to believe that you can only use their printers. Not true!

My Roland prints beautifully. But there are a couple of little things that need tweaking.

Tony Teveris

New Member
Threeputt I'm confused. You say you print "directly" to your ink-jet but then you say you export as eps.

Does the Roland provide a windows driver so you can "paper print" from any app, and / or do you always export to eps and use VersaWorks to "rip" your EPS ?

"Gerber would like you to believe that you can only use their printers", who said this ?