Wind flaps in banners

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Just curious...Wind flaps... Ive heard mixed reviews. Some do em some don't. Do you guys use them and if so what do you use to cut them? Are there specific structural areas that they should be cut? Any info on the subject would be greatly appreciated.


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Just another area to fail. Plus they look like poo IMHO. We only had one banner shred ever, and that was in sustained 60mph winds. Plus the client had it tighter than a banjo string. If you are worried about the wind use a mesh type banner.


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The scrim in the banner is its strength, cut it to put in a wind slit and you weaken the banner! EoS


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I used to be forced to put wind slits in banners where I used to work. The excuse was the customer wanted them and we got to charge them extra for the pleasure. Boooo!

I'm more for educating the customer as to why they aren't needed, saving them a few bucks, in turn earning their trust and customer loyalty for being up front with them.



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I'm pretty sure it voids your banner warranty, if they are concerned about wind then I would recommend a mesh banner. As others have stated wind slits make your product weaker.

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+1000 for the comments above. I'm really not sure who decided they were a good idea in the first place.

I'm sure there's some logic behind them somewhere, but never in my experience.


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In my opinion it is a horrible idea and they are so hideous. BUT, if you do use them, use a punch (like for doing grommets) and make a nice clean circle at the ends of the cuts - it reduces the tenancy to tear.

The only time I've found a wind slit to be a good idea is when I am thinking to myself: "What is the BEST way to make this banner full on ugly?"


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I think vents in fabric enhance the aesthetics when they are strategically placed.

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Wind flaps increase time banners stay strong and up.
If mounted wrong even more so.

Suggest mesh banners if in open wind.

No wind flaps are great cause you get to redo banner sometimes.