Window Lettering not showing up because of reflection!


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2 years ago I did a window lettering job for a business that is now out of business. That is besides the point but he wanted the lettering inside the window. Job looked great up close but the window reflection was so bad, you couldnt see it from acroos the street. Now, a new business rented the location and I did the lettering on the outside because i learned from the last time. The reflection is still so bad, you can't read it! The lettering is white. The owner wants to know if we put a black outline around the lettering, will it show up better. I am going to cut a sample to see, but this job is driving me crazy. The owner wanted a script font which is hard to read to begin with, but what to do with reflection?! My only other option is putting a black strip behid the lettering but this would go down the entire window and look rediculous.

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Easiest fix is to sell them a full bleed window perf solution. If that is a no-go, then use a matte vinyl with a dark outline. Make the outline nice and thick.



*Rotate building 90 degrees

On a more serious note Isolated letters on windows will fall victim to reflections regardless of what you do. There are other options like reverse weeding and applying material across the width of the window.


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If you are talking about glare from the sun hitting it at certain times of the day making it hard to read.... that's just a problem nothing will basically solve. As cpt said.... turning the building or putting an awning over the window are about your only possibilities.

It's the nature of the beast in certain situations.