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I have winsign pro 14 and letter 2005, I like them both also use other software.
Anyway go to "signmax.us" and check out the orum there....may help



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I use WinPCsign and like it. I find the image editing features work very well. Considering the upgrade to 2007.


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Hi, Welcome to S101.
I've used winpc sign(letter12) for 3 years. Between the chinese hardware ( Creation CT630) and the French/English software it was a bit of a scramble to get it all together, but I must say it is very capable software. I really don't know much about the '07 version. The older version still works well for me.
You may want to use Corel X3 for some design features then convert to .eps and export to WinPC for cutting.
I didn't have much luck contacting the people at SignMax for support.
They do have a discussion forum where you can get some additional info.
For entry level software, you can't do much better.


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Get Corel draw x3 and cocut pro, You will have the ability to design and cut anything you can imagine.