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WinPC sign is very common and popular. The popularity comes from price, and also the ability to pay for monthly - direct from the company. At least it was once possible - to pay for it that way. It is also "full featured" with abilities that were only available with the "big boys" (CadLink, Scanvec, etc.)

I have tried it, and know many that own it.

I do not care for it, for only one reason. The controls (menus) are much different than what I am used to. I started wth Corel 2, and Signlab. (The same thing also keeps me from "mastering" Illustrator and Photohop). It takes a lot of time to master a software to get it to do what you want. Time is money.

It IS a good package and has been around for quite a few years. It will do everything you need for vinyl. I cannot say what it does for printing, but in reality, practice and learn Photoshop - you won't regret it.

If you have no vinyl software now - it is a very good alternative to the "big boys" - with available support.

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I have the program. and it is ok. It takes a while to make it work properly. I have the light version and will be buying the pro version soon. You can get it on ebay for around $300 delivered. Pretty cheap for full featured program. Fred


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WinPC sign is very common and popular
Dont know about very common, and son't know about very popular.. I've never seen it and actually never heard of it until this board.

Plus, I would never again be limited to using softare assigned to just one machine via a password. Never again. Locking software to one machine limits you to never using it on a lappy if you desire or need to. I have done several jobs onsite with cocut because all I had to do was take along a dongle. Plus, Imagine your machine going bad, reinstalling and needed a new password,, and the tech support is closed until tuesday because of some holiday,, but fails to asnwer your calls because they are still out. You have not lived until you experienced this fiasco.

However. after trying out tons of the other softwares, IE: Dahidi, signwizard, signgo etc over the years,, via working with them at other shops, or testing/using trial softs,,, I went back to cocut pro. This one is the secret hidden deal of all time..

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I bought the plus version on Ebay, I have yet to hook it to my plotter, I am running old Gerber Graphix Advantage, for 10 years and I am a creature of habit, the automatic vector is what induced me to try it, I have done the automatic vector a few times and exported to .eps, all but once, the file would not be recognized by GA software, whcih is weird cause I import stuff from Illustrator all the time. For 200.00 why not, right? We shall see if I work out the bugs.


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I have it, and used it quite abit. It works alright, But I only really use it just for cutting. Your better off using Coreldraw or illustrator for design/drawing.