witch one would you buy SP-64X or JV3-75SP II


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Hello to all. we are about to embark to buy a New Solvent Printer. I would like to ask witch would you buy and why? I leaning towards Color printer SP-64X by Charrette, but just found out that HP maybe buying them or have an exclusive agreement or something like!
here the news article that I read from Bobby Fosson @ flexiezine.com
Also like to know any maintenance issues that y'all have had
thanx in advance for all your help!!
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The printers you listed are two different sizes, the Mimaki 160SP is the same size as the SP-64X.

I have heard from several Seiko Colorpainter owners that they are not happy with the limited resolutions that they have to print from. And aside from that I havne't heard of any complaints there.

I personally run a Mimaki JV3-160S, the older model of what you can buy now, and we love it. Wouldn't trade it in for anything except a new Colorspan UV printer. As for maintenance, other than feeding the printer ink, and changing wipers, I haven't had any maintenance issues in the 18 months that we have been running the printer. And we have used Triangle Inks from the first day that we printed with it.


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We have the JV-3/75SP II, So far it's been a great machine, no problems, but it's only about four months old. The SS2 inks (is what were using) are excellent. Support for the mimaki is easily available and there are lots of profiles available. I also like the cutter is seperate for contour and regular vinyl cutting while the printer is working away.
cdsgraphic said:
I also like the cutter is seperate for contour and regular vinyl cutting while the printer is working away.

Exactly, especially if you laminate your print, that way you are not holding up print production while you contour cut the last job.


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Thanx Y'all
What RIP are you using? Onyx?
cause we do have an Encad, with Flexi. Flexi is a great program (have used it for 8years), but out put & RIP are O.K.( colors are different EVERY DAY, only thing that prints consistantly is Black.)
A lot of people I speak with say "Only Onyx Postershop"
We currently run Flexi as well. I plan on at least trying out another rip, with the screenshots I have seen of Wasatch and Onyx, and from using Onyx to run our old Colorspan, I do think that we are missing out on a lot of features that a true standalone RIP software would offer.