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Witch R.I.P. do I need


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I am ordering a new printer next week. I think I am going with the H.P. 9000s. Can I use Flexi pro for my rip, or is it worth the extra money to buy a dedicated rip software, and if so which one would you suggest?

Thanks in advance.



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I'm using ONYX Production House for my RIP, currently I have 4 printers hooked up to it, (only 2 run most of the time).

I like it works but is't all I've ever used, there are some other cheaper ones out there that will work just as well without all the bells and whistles you'll probably never need.


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wasatch.com has a real expensive RIP but,will save you a lot of material & aggrovation!
This i am passing along to you from a friend of mine. As I asked him the same question about my new printing equip that I am gettin ready to buy. Roland 300V


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If you already have Flexi Pro, just check to see if they have the drivers for the HP. Why learn another program?


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I'd go with the Flexi option first (if it suports your printer). Dont spend the money unless you have to ... If you dont like your outputs by using Flexi then start looking at other Rip software.


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If you want a RIP that is designed to drive printers and do little else than you can't go wrong with Wasatch or Onyx systems. They really are the big noise when it comes to driving digital output devices and each firm is very quick to include the latest drivers for new hardware.

Of the two, most people are more familiar with Onyx but Wasatch is usually as feature rich. Onyx has just gone to release 7 which is filled with a number of tiny bugs so I am not entirely happy with it but they company is patching the problems quickly. It is also a slower product for actually RIPping than Wasatch... but it's got a nicer user interface.

That being said, if you've already got the Flexi RIP why not see if it has the drivers and test it out to see if it meets your expectations. Neither Wasatch or Onyx are inexpensive products when all of their features are unlocked.

Good luck.