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Wrap newb


New Member
I am a Graph/designer new to wrap installs. The company I previously worked for I was just designing, and designed a couple wraps...but not install :covereyes:
is there any sites, or tutorials for alignment, getting started, etc...
Any help I would greatly appreciate it .....
Oh, the shop I work for uses 3M for its wraps, but they are open to change for us new guys :rock-n-roll:


Active Member

they have countless "wrap courses" where you can go learn hands on and get certified. ask your material supplier in your area. Fellers has a course

Youtube is another place to start, lots of info


New Member
thanks everyone !
I checked with our supplier, and they dont offer another certify course for another year..
just ordered the Oracal wrap training DVD. I am def. going to hit up youtube...also wanted to practice on my own car