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Wrapping a bus


New Member
Hi Everyone,

I have a bus that i would like to have a wrapped for a local restaurant. I know very little about wrapping a vehicle. I figure it would be cheaper to do the buswrap myself or find some to do it as a side job. I am in Atlanta GA If anyone is from the Atlanta arear please contact me. Any information about vinyl graphics or the procedure for wrapping a bus would be greatly appreciated.


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Find an installer who has experience with....

vehicle wraps....it's an artform.
Be prepared to loose your A$$ if you attempt it yourself.
I have experience with a company that did city transit buses.


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Shovelhead thannks for you promt response. I must agree with you, i am definately not an artist. My bus is a 1964 GMC PD4106, it is 35' in length by 96" wide the area to cover is aprx 1000 sq. ft. I am curretly negotiating the lease for the advertising space on the bus. It is the clients responsibility to provide her own ad. But I told her I would do some research to get her the best rate on design & installation. I priced the plotters and they are not cheap even on ebay. I can provide a pipc of the bus.