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Suggestions wrapping tanning canopy?


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customer wants to wrap an tanning canopy. matte black (i recommended they get them painted) any thoughts on tackling this project? the curves look like they may give me some trouble. also getting a material to stick to that surface(probably have to use a hi-tack vinyl)


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so you agree painting is the best option. really not confident wrapping with vinyl will hold up if i can even wrap that curve properly (and that's a big if..haha)

Neil Stimpson

Dirt Industries Graphics
The curves wouldn't be a problem in my opinion, no different then car bumpers or motorcycle fairings. What I would look at is the texture of the surface? is it powder coated from the factory and has a rough texture or is it gloss painted?

If its rough textured like a powder coated surface, you could use a General Form High Tac vinyl with a standard laminate, I use those for kiosks. It is a lot harder to lay but can be done.

If its a smooth surface use a standard wrap kit for vehicles like a Arlon kit or General Form kit.

Thats how I would go about it and factor in double time labor if you don't have a lot of experience with curved surfaces. The Arlon kit is very conformable, air release and really easy to use.

Good luck with the project if you do take it on.


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Do you know what kind of temps or uv exposure that top may get? I honestly have no idea, but that'd also be something I'd look at. I'd be tempted to use something like this.

Modern Ink Signs

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Wrapping would not be a problem if you know how to manipulate the vinyl

The big question is what is the top make from?

For the “hump” in the middle you could do 3 pieces with a butt seam to either side and then put an accent stripe or ??? down either side