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wrong file!!


New Member
a customer sent me a file on VM pro which i don't have.
is there any way i can open that file i mean by the assistance of another program?.


Si Allen

New Member
Hahahahaha...how would a customer get a VM pro file....unless it was from another shop?

Is it a competitor checking prices, or a customer shopping prices?


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New Member
is it really that funny??? no sir, he is another sign shop owner that asked me to edit an artwork for. but i never used the VM pro i only use Flexi sign 7.6 and illustrator CS2.


Certified Enneadecagon Designer
I guess the dog thought it was funny... :)

Other than VMP, I doubt it. There are a few here that use VMP that might be able to convert it for you otherwise, I think you probably need to go to your customer and ask them to convert to an .eps or .ai file for you.

Si Allen

New Member
You didn't say it was from another shop!

Oh well! If you had, the puppy wouldn't have had his lil laff!