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XC-540 Banding banding banding


New Member
This is when lines appear across the print, again the most common cause for this is blocked nozzles but this is a brand new unit
seems onlt to happen with smooth vinyl
try as I may to adjust the heat or anything cant get rid of it
help :Oops:



New Member
Check your test print.
Test print has some fallout, check the heads, may need cleaned.
Run a cleaning cycle.

Test print will give you the best idea of what is wrong.


New Member
sounds like the media may be advancing in increments a fraction larger then the pprint laid down by each pass of the head


New Member
What Media?

What Software?

What Profile?

What Speed?

think its orical but its matt calendar vinyl

flexisign software 8.1

profile matt calendar vinyl

speed have to recheck that but seems not to have an effect

thanks for taking time :U Rock:


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If selecting a different profile doesnt work, try a coupleof medium clean cycles, if that doesnt help then do a manual cleaning.


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What does the nozzle test show ?? Test print from control panel of the XC-540... Lines within each color should be consistantly spaced and aligned.