xp communication problem w/software to plotter?

i am trying to switch my software to my pc with xp, but i am have trouble getting flexi 7.2 to communicate with my plotter, all the settings are the same that i had in my windows 98 pc, im sure there is a setting that need to be changed. my plotter is a anagraph 101e, it runs into the pc throuh a com 1 port. any ideas on what i need to do to fix this? thanks.
Nope the firewall is off, when its a file is sent it says "cannot open port" its in com1, have tried other port options, cant figure it out, anyone else got any ideas?


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When that report comes,
Usually something else is using that port. Mouse, modem, camera, something is conflicting. GOto port 2 an dtry that one.