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yet another new guy... from Central PA


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Hello all,

I came across this site today in sheer and udder confustification. Here's a little backgound.

I work for a Corporate Property Developer in Central Pennsylvania. I do all of the inhouse architectural drafting and design work. New buildings, remodels of existing buildings, additions, tenant space fit outs, that sort of thing.

We have/had a person inhouse that did all of our signage layouts, and recently i have been asked to take that over.

I'm an Autocad guy thru and thru, this whole "grapics thing" is all new to me. I'm sure i will have tons of questions along the way.

Some of the programs i have in my arsenal are
Autocad 2004
Corel Grapics Suite 12
Gerber Omega 1.56
Adobe Acrobat

Thanks in advance!!


Fred Weiss

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Welcome to Signs 101 Brian.

I read and responded to your other post and would like to recommend to you that you upgrade your Omega software to the current version 2.1. One of the ongoing improvements in software is import and export filters. You may find the upgrade results in a little less problems for you.


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Hi Brian, after reading your first post, a 24" cutter would be a great investment.



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WELCOME, from a western pa(originally) to another pa guy..GO EAGLES!!!!!!! damn steelers let me down....


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"Bula vinaka" that's Hello in Fijian (Fiji). Right now it's 9 degrees and Northern Maine so I like to say a little hello in a warm voice. Welcome.