Yuba City California


Hi all, great to be a part of your forum. I have had a part time relationship with sign/tshirt production for 15 yrs. My father started as a souvenir salesman in the 80's. That led him into T-shirt printing, and eventually signage. I worked along side him until 1994 when I broke my pelvis in a fall. Since then I've had to drive 18 wheels to get my meals. (This is where I get the part time Shirt/Sign production.) Getting to the point, I've had my hip resurfaced this year, and I have purposed myself to grow this business now. I've learned so much just from searching signs 101. So far i don't consider myself a serious sign guy, but signs 101 has already got me fired up to go for it. I will post some of my work as soon as I learn how. Thanks Sincerly, Garrett

Programs: AI/Corel/Freehand/Photoshop/
Equiptment: Panther 30"cutter/Newly purchased Roland sp-540v (I'm clueless on it so far)
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