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  1. K&L SIGNZ please quit spamming

    Anyonelse getting Spam Pms from this guy regarding vector art?
  2. A little help is requested

    Fred have you assigned any moderators to the board?
  3. Looking for a used plotter

    I have a used summacut d-60 24" plotter and stand with several extra blades. Will sell for $1100 plus shipping.
  4. Curved TExt Tool? Where and how

    where would i find this evevelope tool or fit text to path tool? i apologize im a corel noobie.
  5. Curved TExt Tool? Where and how

    I have corel 12 and cant figure out how to curve the text? can someone steer me in the right direction?
  6. Newbie Here From Michigan With Questions

    Go Red Wings! The players and the owners came to some sort of agreement so hopefully there will be hockey this year. Im a Redford Michigan native but i live in Florida now.
  7. Newbie Here From Michigan With Questions

    Koozies are usually screen printed, im guessing you could apply vinyl to them but i dont think it would be a heat applied vinyl. Someone else will probably know more but im a screen printer and happen to know that koozies are usually screen printed.
  8. What Size Cutter?

    summacut d-60u
  9. Cutting directly from Corel Draw

    i think i will go with co cut standard because of the difference in price for now. im on a limited budget. thanks.
  10. Cutting directly from Corel Draw

    well i have a summacut d-60 connected via usb from what i understand this method is only possible via parallel connection which my pc does not have. im looking into buying co cut or sign cut another program i am trying out right now. i also have the option of getting flexi 7 for $500...
  11. Cutting directly from Corel Draw

  12. Cutting directly from Corel Draw

    Is it possible to cut directly from corel 12 with no bridge/plugin? if so how? any good links to read on how to do this? thanks.
  13. Heat Press Deal....$365 New!

    if you have any more of these available put me down for one. please email me at sales@blademasterswholesale.com
  14. Heat Press Deal....$365 New!

    How much are these gonna cost us? I am interested as well.