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  1. Wholesale company for fence screen / custom mesh banner?

    Are you still in need of the mesh for this customer? I can give you a competitive quote. Send the details to david@signs2trade.com
  2. Best Price on Coroplast Signs?

    Give David a call with Signs2Trade.com at 281 460-6849.
  3. Need Help Wholesale Supplier Needed for Big UV Cut to Shape Job

    Signs2trade can easily handle this for you. Give us a call at (855) 887-4467 or email sales at signs2trade.com Jeff
  4. Do You Charge for Art Clean up?

    Wow.. I have been on this site for many years. I started as I-45 Signs years ago. One of the companies I'm part owner of does well over 7 digits and one of the largest of its kind sign company. I will keep my knowledge of this business to myself. I guess giving away a glass of water at a...
  5. Do You Charge for Art Clean up?

    Ha... I said I CAN do 25 a day. I have no clue where your getting your numbers.. hahaha...
  6. Do You Charge for Art Clean up?

    I can do 25 a day easy. I have one employee dedicated to this....
  7. Hiring In Houston

    Fab Signs is looking for an all round sign production/vehicle wrapper. We are a small sign shop with 4 employees. I have been in business for 17 years. Applicant must have experience operating flatbed printers, roll printers, and laminators. I will also be looking for a sign production...
  8. Do You Charge for Art Clean up?

    I never charge for art clean up. I use the fact that there art is not useable, but I will redraw it for free. I make it as simple as possible for a customer. I think a lot of sign companies nickel and dime customers right out the door. Keep it simple. If you feel you need to add a few bucks...
  9. Best trade show vendors?

    Are you a wholesale company to the trade? Are the visible prices on your site retail prices? Thank you Keith
  10. signs2trade

    We Love our Customers

    We Love our Customers
  11. TX Brother GT-381

    I'm selling my 6 month old Brother T-Shirt printer. Has less that 500 prints. I paid 19,000.00 for it in November and I possibly want to change to embroidery. I will sell for 13,000.00. I have already sold the pre-treater. Please email me at keith@gofabsigns.com or call me on my cell at...
  12. Laminator For Mounting Prints

  13. Hook & Loop banner material

    SMH.. Reads to me like he is looking for hook and loop. I sell over 20,000 banner stands a year and a majority of them use hook and loop to secure them to the lead. Maybe I'm missing something. So for replacement panels you need a smooth vinyl and adhesive backed, male and female Velcro
  14. Hook & Loop banner material

    If you want to buy a container of it... So not a place cheaper in the USA..........
  15. Hook & Loop banner material

    I buy thousands of dollars of hook and loop annually. Not a place on the planet you can buy it cheaper....... and you're welcome. :) Paiho USA | Hook and Loop