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    what type of work are you needing you can PM me if you are still interested, I have been...

    what type of work are you needing you can PM me if you are still interested, I have been designing for over 45 yrs
  2. Mutoh ink end

    I have a small VJ-628x that I have metallic cart but it is out and I can not find anyone that sells silver which I really do not need, my white is also saying low. Is it possible to switch out the card from silver to a cleaner cart? or can I set machine up to have cleaner carts instead of the...
  3. Circle sticker issues

    I have been designing for over 40 years and I have to say, I never heard that you can not center design work using a circle, I would be more then happy to look over the file or even recreate it for you to try, anything can be centered if you know what you are doing and if you can not then you...
  4. HP 360 Latex Question

    will any of yours work on the 360
  5. HP 360 Latex Question

    Thanks for all your input, this machine is going to cost me nothing other then seeing what will be needed, so far the total carriage assembly is missing, drive belt and sensor strip, as mentioned I have no idea about this machine and I have located parts and the cost is not as bad as I thought...
  6. HP 360 Latex Question

    I am going to look at it to make sure other parts are not missing, the price is right, lots to think about and I do appreciate your reply
  7. HP 360 Latex Question

    Thank You
  8. HP 360 Latex Question

    Thank you for your reply, all he said it was missing was the carriage, do you know where I can find a parts list or manual this way I can get the part numbers? Thanks
  9. HP 360 Latex Question

    I have no idea about this printer and I am trying to find out what I can. I found one but the seller says it has no carriage, does anyone know what something like this would cost to replace, or does anyone have one they are wanting to sell. Before I purchase this printer I would like to have an...
  10. Mutoh Service Help

    I live in Orlando, FL. Does anyone know of a Service Tech somewhat in the area. I want to get this VJ-628X running and I am having problems finding anyone here, Fellers does not service printers they do not sell. Thanks for any leads Tomi G
  11. Mutoh VJ-628x Help

    Any suggestions?
  12. Sheet Layout in Illustrator

    There is a new option called Repeat you can make as many copies as you need and as you can see in the Screen Shot there are a few options for what grid you use. Hope this helps
  13. Mimaki CJV150-130

    Thank you
  14. Mimaki CJV150-130

    Can anyone tell me about this printer, good, bad.....? Thanks
  15. Mutoh VJ-628x Help

    So my adventure with this printer after seller shipped it poorly and I am still trying to get to the point where I can see if the head even prints, has taken its tool on me. I purchased all new inks because the ink he sold me with the printer expired back in 2014 and I was getting card errors, I...