1. A

    Question Multiple Color profiles one software

    Lets say you are going to be printing where the software has to correct the colors for you as there is no rip software. Can you use multiple color profiles per design and i guess just save or expert each color profile separately to print? Also what woould be a good way to keep them separated...
  2. JimMoorePDS

    Rasterlink Forum

    If anyone is interested, I've created a private Facebook group dedicated to Rasterlink issues, how to's, tutorials, etc, as well as questions related to Illustrator/CorelDraw/Photoshop to prepare files for output in Rasterlink. Since it’s a brand new group and hasn’t had much activity, please...
  3. A

    Need Help Adobe / CutContour Lines

    Hi guys im really struggling and am wondering if someone would be able to share some of their expertise with me please - I have the attached PDF which basically consists of lines with a 15px stroke However I want to add a .25 cutcontour line around the outside of everything, I used to use...

    Need Help How to delete part of a raster image in illustrator after creating clipping mask?

    In this day of age one would think you can find ANY answer real fast on the webs. Well... not the case with me and I can not tell you how much I just want to take the keyboard and push it through the monitor. I have a file where I have to take 1 logo and put it somewhere else. The whole...
  5. K

    Template Help

    I have a template from SRGFX that I already have my design completed with. How do I go about just being able to print and cut what design I have showing within the clipping mask without having to print the entire design and then having a bunch of scraps? I can only seem to add a contour cut to...
  6. Luke Handford

    Need Help FineCut wont allow me to put intermediate registration marks...

    I'm using FineCut8 on Illustrator (and have just downloaded FineCut9 trial to see if there's any difference, and there's not) When placing registration marks, the option to add intermediate registration marks is greyed out and unavailable to click... Any help or ideas on why this is happening &...
  7. VicoDrive

    GCC Expert II LX with Great Cut software, need basic help with setup

    I just bought a used GCC Expert II LX and have my trial of Great Cut. Ive use industrial cutters before so I feel like many basic settings would carry over but I just cant figure this software out! Decent tutorials just dont seem to exist out there for it for what I need to do. Im not really...
  8. Luke Handford

    Need Help FineCut 8 - Plotting/Half Cutting Long Runs

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone knew of how to add registration marks in the middle of a long drop. I often get a job in which requires 3.5m long graphics to be plotted, but it often goes off track & skewed. Any tips or tricks? Thanks!
  9. DesireeM

    Question Roland -Very slight colour shift between panelled .eps print file

    I have an anomaly and although the customer was happy I won't sleep until I know what caused this and how to avoid it in the future... We printed an .eps file, all vector, solid Pantone 321 background and white text. Rip software is Versaworks and printer is Roland VS-540 We used versaworks to...
  10. Kimberly Hiles

    Suggestions Shop Drawing Software Recomendations

    Looking for suggestions on software for shop drawings. We currently use Illustrator almost exclusively, but this is not very practical as most of our designers' time is getting tied up in spec'ing details (sizing/finishes/ect) or laying out the actual pages, rather than designing signs. We are a...
  11. Shepherd

    Need Help Placed PDF Does not center on artboard

    Sometimes when I add other artwork to Illustrator, in order to make a cut line, I go to center the object and it goes left or down, instead of centering. Sometimes when this happens it is because there is a pixel somewhere that is grouped with the object in question. I have made sure that I...
  12. myront

    Question Need to pick the brain of an illustrator guru.

    Every time I try using illy I get frustrated. I thought maybe if I just ask questions as I need them. 1. how can I turn off the x and y info whereby just leaving the h/w? Or any other stuff I don't care to see on the workspace. 2. the eyedropper doesn't show the values of colors as you hover...
  13. D

    Rust Wrap

    I have like three clients that would be interested in wraps if i can just figure out how to design them! Any tips and tricks out there? I really like the washed look too.
  14. B

    Question Illustrator PMS color has differing CMYK percentages depending on File

    Ok, so here's my dilemma. I have CC open with two different files side by side. Same PMS color 369 is chosen for each and yet they appear different. Checking the CMYK percentages shows each file has them set differently. My document mode, color settings are the same in both files. Any idea why...
  15. C

    Question What to do with a damaged ai file?

    I was working with the AI file when my system crashed due to a power failure. After whenever I tried to open the file, it displays an error message that says, "the AI file format is corrupted". The file is corrupted and cannot be repaired."I'm using Adobe Illustrator 10. What should I do for...
  16. S

    how to repair damaged file in Illustrator?

    Hello, after saving a flash drive Illustrator file, writes that the file is corrupted. Unfortunately the backup did not, immediately saved on the flash drive. Who the thread knows as quickly as possible to recover their work? Is it even possible after something like this?
  17. M

    Question The illustrator graphic file is damaged

    Please tell me any good tool for file recovery of adobe illustrator, the fact that one of the graphics files I get an error that damaged or maybe that other offer as help?
  18. C

    Question Doesn't open the file Adobe Illustrator

    Hello! Faced with the problem opening a file in .ai format. Worked in Adobe Illustrator, the file type is a vector image. What to do in such cases, help!!!
  19. T

    Illustrator's Live Corners are bigger than Effects>Round Corners!?!?

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it a bug in my version? I recently made two identical shapes trying to figure out what was going on in relation to a previous question (you can read here: Rounded Corners: Can Anyone Explain This!?) and entered an identical corner radius (8.1 cm) for each...
  20. T

    Rounded Corners: Can Anyone Explain This!?

    Hey All, So here's my issue. I printed a full coverage decal with a border that had to match a reused triangle aluminum sign with rounded corners. So I measured the sign and found the corner radius on paper like I've done a hundred times with rectangular signs, drew a triangle in Illustrator to...