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.080 Aluminum


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I have landed a job that requires signage on .080 Aluminum, but my problem lies in finding brown colored blanks. I'm not really trusting of having the signs UV ink printed just to achieve a brown background because the rest of the job will be easily achieved with cut vinyl. Does anyone have a provider for pre-painted brown .080 sign blanks, I feel like back in my fathers day, they were more readily available for park signage and traffic signs. I was thinking of bare .080 and applying a full decal to each sign but I was hoping to save a step or two. This will be my first real post so I'm not sure if there is some underlying etiquette in how to form questions so please be nice.



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I don't think I've ever seen colored .080 aluminum. Only prepainted white. We would paint or sheet with the background color.


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Does it need to be aluminum? I did have a client who requested that color also. I have found that exact color (park brown) at metal roofing supply companies in flat sheets. Its sheet steel but its powder coated as well. The client was okay with the steel substrate because of the colormatch. If the roofing metal companyshears and bends for building trim you may be able to have them cut to size also. Ive taken sheets of aluminum for other projects to one locally who cuts/bends in house and they've bent it (for a small fee) for cladding, replacement sign trim and even channel.
Steel doesn't come in true 4x8 so depending on your size that may be an issue.
You may also check for ACM in that color. I've replaced lots of .080 With that with fantastic results. Most times you can get it cheaper and the customer likes it better anyways (it sure is easier to install!)
Otherwise I'd do what the others have said and overlay aluminum with vinyl and then letter as needed.