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1st Annual Signs 101 T-Shirt Design Contest

Fred Weiss

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Okay students .... here's your next assignment. Something that will become real instead of imagined.

Design a T-shirt for Signs 101. Post entries back to this thread.

Designs can be funny, serious or anything inbetween and use any slogan or motto you like with the idea in mind that it will be a shirt meant to be worn by members and supporters of Signs 101. There are no creative restraints. 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place winners will be decided by a poll of registered members like we did with the Dreem Time contest.

Designs should be limited to no more than 3 spot colors. Nothing photographic. Single color gradients are allowed but not required. Designs may be on the background color of your choice.

Designs must be done in vectors only (uploads to this thread for display should be converted to JPG or other suitable format) and the winners must agree to provide their files in vector format (EPS, AI, CDR or CMX), along with all rights, to Signs 101 on completion of voting.

The 1st place winning design will be screen printed onto garments which will be available for sale to interested members.

1st Place Prize = $100 and three shirts (any size)

2nd Place Prize = Two shirts (any size)

3rd Place Prize = One shirt (any size)

All production and prizes provided by our fellow member, The Design Shop. A portion of any T-shirts purchased will go to Signs 101 to help defray operating costs of the site.

All entries must be posted no later than midnight, Tuesday, March 15th, 2005. A voting poll will begin at that time which will close at midnight, Thursday, March 31st, 2005.

To enter you must be a registered member of Signs 101. There is no cost or obligation to enter. Members may enter as many times as they wish.

As a precautionary note, from a strategic point of view, entrants may want to consider that more than one entry could serve to dillute their vote count since members will only be able to vote for one design. It is permissible, as the contest evolves, to have numerous entries and to withdraw any entry from consideration prior to the commencement of voting.
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I can answer that for Fred.

The design should be proportionately no more than 10" x 14" in size. Whatever the final size is, I will resize it accordingly to get the best look.


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My first entry . . .

There will be another one. I just thought this one was necessary.


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Colors are geranium, dark mahogany, and antique white, all 3M colors.



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Dave Drane

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:Australia :help: Has anyone got a template of a "T" shirt I could have?? :help: Pretty please. If not I'll just make my own. :thumb: