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A real test


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Hi, all! Does anyone have any idea what this font is. At least I think it's a font. Mom said she thought she'd seen it elsewhere, but can't remember the name. Sorry the file is dark, I actually lightened it up.


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Fred Weiss

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Sorry L'il Dawg ... too much of a challenge for me. I tried but not luck.
You may want to go to a site like dafont.com and browse their Horror Fonts section.
Font ID

Anybody know what this font is? Font is question is the one used in "Porki Mueller".



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I've tried the what the font forum and no luck there either. I'll try Fred's suggestion. Thanks for trying!!


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Don't forget some people make their own fonts, and never sell them or put them up on the market. It's getting easier and easier to do. Heck, I made my own font a few years ago with no experience in typography at all. Took me a LONG time, and it pretty well turned out crappy, but I DID make one to use in my computer. There's a chance your font was part of someone's personal collection.

The answer? Take it to the vector doctor.