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Aargh... Adobe customer support...


New Member
Had one of my computers shoot craps this past week...

Bought a new one.

License says I can install on two machines. Kinda hard to uninstall from old one.

Called customer service.

Got some guy who was HIGHLY disturbed that I introduced myself as "Chuck," but the name on the reg was "Charles."

Oh, and I think he was from Calcutta...

He then proceeds to tell me that if a computer dies, you lose that licensing.

About 55 minutes later, get referred to a nice 'merican girl.... Who straightens everything out.

Sell yer stock.


New Member
next time, hang up & call back...

might take several attempts, but that's how I excercize my nationalist prejudice when I want to at least be able to understand the people wasting my 55 minutes.

Glad you got it worked out!


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Most of those techs in.... "India".... are actually sitting in a cubicle in some big office in Seattle, or Portland, or L.A. or Chicago or some other big city. They are instructed to say, if asked, "Yes, they are in India". and yes they are east Indian, and they do actually have names like "Raj" and "Singh". One of my clients is a big , so called, Consulting Service"....code for "GIANT NATIONAL BOILER-ROOM CORPORATION. If you are a nice guy about it, when you call...its easy to get a nice ...rican girl with lots of knowledge! ........ITS A GIANT F*****G CONSPIRACY!::rolleyes: :Big Laugh


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As ATT&T and DELL and a load of others found..

We are tired of the bullcrap that goes with dealing with those overseas support teams. Dell lost a nice percentage of sales, ATT&T lost millions too.. IT cost them lots more in the long run than the savings realized in the short run.