Adobe's "artboard" - Flexi's "document borders"


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just when I got used to the issue with artboards that I think first cropped up for me in CS4..I encountered an out-of-the-blue odddity yesterday in Flexi...

In illustrator, over the years I've often ignored the artboard, which I've typically left at 8.5" x 11" & selected the "hide" option to avoid distraction.. but then in CS4 (or 3?) I was importing files into Gerber Omega, SAi's Enroute (and probably Flexi) only to find the information outside the artboard was lost...

So, I got used to that now, but similarly, in Flexi, the document border has been a detail I chose to ignore, and for years i have output print/cut jobs partly (or entirely) outside of this box, with no issues...

...until yesterday when the artboard defaulted to the same size as a .tif image I was bringing in, and then after importing the contour cut vector, which was an offset path, 1/4' larger then my print, we output the job & the cut lines were cropped to the edge of the document border...

I've opened older files and verified that I will still get the same acceptable results outputting those old jobs today, with data outside the document border.. but not on this new job (so I've learned how to re-size the document border) that seems to confirm I haven't inadvertently altered a Flexi setting...

...but I still want to know if anyone is familiar with why, when or for what reason such cropping to document borders may occur???


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Doug what format are you exporting the flexi files out to?
eps, pdf, ai?

wayne k
guam usa


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I'm not exporting, I'm just printing the Flexi files, so I click on "rip & print" and then the cutter mis-cut a job where it exceeded the parameters of the document border...


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noticed the same thing when printing a layout from flexi. found a way around it in the dialog box, there's an option for artboard or selection. at least with my flexi7.6v2... i'll check the bossman's 8.1 tomorrow when i get time


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Which version of Flexi?

I've never heard of this... Like you I often just ignore the "substrate" and most of my artwork lies outside of that imaginary border.

Can you send me the file?


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Flexi 8.6v2

dl the file here:

you should see a fancy sign panel border shape, broken up into 4 pieces, ready to be printed from a .tif file (since that's just the way I do things as a rule) and contour cut from vectors.. but all this is centered on a document border, that automatically generated itself to be the exact size as the .tif file... and as a result, my cut lines are outside of that box by 1/8" top & bottom...

...and if you click rip & print, and then zoom in... you will see what happened.
(I hand cut little strips of laminated white orajet, and saved re-printing, but hope to learn to prevent future instances of this little surprise)


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Jamie,That would make total sense, so I am not discounting that idea at all... but what happens for you? Can you turn it off & resolve the issue?

I actually think I just turned that on yesterday in my trouble shooting efforts, because I never panel jobs (always just break them apart in Adobe software & send as 2 jobs) and had never even been to that "panel" tab before... but I suppose my employee could have done something like that by mistake and that was my first question I asked him...

...but either way, I tried to turn it off & it doesn't correct the display of the issue on my set-up... does it appear to correct it for you?


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As soon as I unchecked the box the cut lines that were "cut off" appeared on the preview... After you un-check the box you have to click the auto panel button. That will recreate the panels to include all of the artwork.

Here's a screen cap...


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Nice catch

yep.. I love this place...

the drama threads & the goof-off threads, and all the real fun threads go on for days... but these little gems that drop like a rock after making someone's day... these gems are what keep us all coming back... a nice catch indeed!!


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I'm just glad I could help!

I agree with Doug 100%. These little threads are what keep me coming back.
But I have to admit, the drama makes for some good weekend entertainment when things are slow.

(Sorry for the delay.. been a bit busy and I forgot about this thread)