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Air bubbles on metal signs


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I am a newbie and have learned a lot but have a lot to learn. I have no problem with banners and core plastic but everytime I try to do metal signs I get a bunch of little bubbles under the vinyl. I clean the surface with alcohol, tape in middle and lay one side at a time.. I've tried squeezes, rolling pins and other things... Is their a trick, or do I need a tool like the Big Squeezie.. If so what model for a 24" cutter? Thanks Denny


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There's not a trick, there's just good technique. The flatter and more non-porous the substrate the better your technique needs to be. What you describe might indicate that you're not using the squeegee to put the vinyl in initial contact with the substrate, you're not using sufficient pressure, the pressure isn't reasonably uniform across the entire edge of the squeegee, you're not properly overlapping your squeegee strokes, or some combination of these things.

Especially properly overlapping your strokes.


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There are all the pros and cons of using wet applications to get air bubbles out by using such things as Rapid Tac, Splash etc. It may work for you if you are somewhat new to it. You could try it ...and what bob says, it comes down to technique even if you use wet appl......


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everytime I try to do metal signs I get a bunch of little bubbles under the vinyl
Its all technique But first you have to use a properly prepared squeegee. And you must have properly prepared/applied app tape as well.

App juice is not needed or could be needed. All depends on your prepaeration skill.s