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Anagraph Designart ProV 3.5e


New Member
I have been using Designart - like forever it's the only cutting program I've ever used. The problem is when I send to plot it's
overridding the pressure setting, I have an Ana Express Elite
( AE 60E ), it's cutting right through my stencils. I have never had
this problem before, I have uninstalled & reinstalled the program but get the same results. I don't know what else to do, any help we be appreciated.


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We have the same program. Although we don’t use ANA plotters, that doesn't sound like a software problem as much as a plotter is not working or receiving information properly anymore. Trane Long is the man to find. I don’t have his number, but I’ve seen others refer to his company on here before. Maybe someone will post his information again.

Have you recently upgraded your computer ?? ANA doesn’t take kindly to higher then Win 98. Some crazy things start to happen if you’re on a newer computer. :help: