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hi guys, im jimmy. I've been browsing here for awhile but just recently registered. I'm in the process of buying a 24" Graphtec 2100 (Rick S from here)
I sell and install car stereo and Streetglow lighting products but want to broaden my range of products into vinyl. I am a member of quite a few automotive forums and plan on doing a lot of online sales to offset the initial cost of my machine. I have a fresh Flexisign CD installed and ready. I have a computer background and currently manage a Verizon Wireless store too. They call my "Jimmy the Hand", as i have my hands in a ton of stuff.


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Welcome! Stay seated until the ride comes to a complete stop . . . It could be a long ride :Big Laugh


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That's an interesting mix of businesses!

I assume you'll mostly be doing car graphics, then. Not my forte, but many here, I'm sure, are into that area of the vinyl biz.

Welcome aboard.